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Legendary in their own minds, the members of IRON LUNG CORP love to look back in history and wax poetic about the grand old days of industrial rock in its heyday, or as others call it, the birth of COLDWAVE

As the story goes, both Acumen Nation and The Claypeople were headed out on Acumens first US tour ever back in 96. Along the way, the 2 bands put a cover together of Nitzer Ebbs classic "Join in the Chant" and even threw in a little "Murderous" for medley fun.

When Reconstriction Records head honcho Chase saw them perform it live at the Whiskey in LA, he threw down the gautlet and said the 2 should do a side project. But, instead of telling Chase the truth, that there really was no project, just the cover, the boys blurted out a story and told Chase they had a name, a dozen songs, even a band mascot... and were able to
siphon a few grand out of Cargo's pocket to cover booze, food and a few days at Chicago Trax to record an album... 6 years later, they did it again, this time convincing themselves they really had a bunch of songs, a band, a tour bus, a marketing budget...

In 2001 mr. neet, mr. novak, mr. duffy, mr. lopez and mr. brill decided to restart the corporation, and pulled in assistance from a few other business partners to create "Ditch the Attitude, Pally" for release in 2002, Cracknation's year of birth. A short tour with Acumen Nation and Bile followed, concluding with a notorious headlining set at Metro in 2003. As business ethics changed in our fast paced world, the corporation shuttered for a second time.

After the Cold Waves festival in 2012 to memorialize the loss of founding member Mr. Duffy, the corporation rebanded, complete with some actual minutes. you know, minutes of the meeting. The topic of the meeting? Was that if you have a past or a style that people long for, and your identity is somewhat cemented in the past, then people seem to not care much about what you create in the future. It never measures up, no matter how great it is. Therefore, the corporation decided to embrace both the past and the present by reanimating classic new wave and rock tunes from the 70s, 80s and 90's... with a modern twist. So there you go. you get your retro and we get our style.

Production began in january 2013 and completed in august 2013. 12 board members and multiple meetings ensued. Current legal proceedings are in the procces of completion and will soon be made public along with all other corporate documents.

New York Chicago hospitality you fucks...


CZAR :: perforlming with GODFLESH :: October 22 @ Metro, Chicago ... Site to be updated SOON.