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"Family Crest" Official video


"Aortic Flower" Official video


"Depthless Paradise of Terror" video


"Redeemer" live video

"An exciting power trio
that fans of Mastodon,
Killing Joke and even the Jesus Lizard should check out immediately"

"...challenging and complex brutality and expansive and pensive instrumentation... Czar could very well end up being largely influential in a few years."

"Interesting, off-beat metronomic and just catchy enough to be exceptional."

"Thinking man's metal.
8 out of 10."

"If this album is anything to go by, Czar is destined for greatness."

"With peaks, crests, and great pacing, this wormhole of an album will transport the listener to new places. It's everything you could want from a debut album"

New Album: NO ONE IS ALONE IF NO ONE IS ALIVE" out 11/04. Also Available: "VERTICAL MASS GRAVE" 2011 LP and Self-Titled 2009 EP